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Mitchell Lightfoot 6' 4"  185 lbs. SG 2016

Lightfoot is a lean power forward prospect with long arms and an excellent motor. His shot blocking an ability to sprint in transition is impressive. He has excellent timing and his initial burst is impressive. He 

Oladipupo Olaleye 6' 1"  180 lbs. PG 2016

Oladipupo Olaleye is a true point guard that has all the tools to be a good college player. First and foremost he has the ability. He is a good athlete and has a great feel for the game. In transition Oladipupo does a great 

Damion Bagley 6' 4"  185 lbs. WF 2017

Damion Bagley brings a certain type of toughness to the floor and is able to impose his will on both his teammates and opponents. He is a consistent producer. But what stands out about Damion is his ability to

Myron Prescott 6' 2"  200 lbs. PG/SG 2017

Myron Prescott has a great frame and is a good athlete. He is a highly competitive player who can affect the game on multiple levels. Whether it's rebounding in traffic, facilitating the offense, or attacking the rim, he 

Nathaniel Spurgeon 6' 0"  145 lbs. PG 2017

Nathaniel Spurgeon has good quickness and solid ball handling ability. He plays with high energy and passion and competes on every possession especially at the defensive end. He plays outstanding defense 

Rushaun Rankine 5' 11"  154 lbs. PG 2017

Rushaun Rankin plays the way that a point guard should play, looking to get his teammates involved as well as leading the defensive charge for his teammates. He has good quickness and handles

Jordan Caldwell 5' 10"  140 lbs. PG 2017

Jordan Caldwell is a scoring point guard. He is tough, fearless and possesses good speed and quickness with the ball in his hands. He attacks the basket on the break and is athletic enough to challenge 

Nathan Buana 6' 1"  185 lbs. SG 2016

Nathan Buana is a combo guard that can play both positions adequately. Consistently hits the three point shot and shows good mechanics. Moves well without the ball, and catches and shoots with little wasted 

Wyatt Wilks 6' 7"  190 lbs. SF 2017

Wilkes is a combination forward that is more of a stretch forward at this stage of his game. He is very skilled and has an excellent feel for the game. He is productive on the offensive end and did a tough

Hirohito Aizawa 6' 0"  180 lbs. PG/ SG 2018

Hirohito Aizawa is a true point guard with good speed and quickness. He pushes the ball on the break and does a good job of getting to the rim, when he gets to the rim he can finish or make the additional pass. He's

Corbin Lewis 6' 1"  185 lbs. G 2017

Corbin Lewis is a tremendous shooter and a solid point guard. Offensively he has a good basketball IQ.  He has range on his shot to 20 feet. He is best with his feet set but can score some off the bounce. Defensively 

Alex Barcello 6' 2"  175 lbs. PG 2017

Barcello is one of the better guard prospects in his class nationally. He is reminiscent of former Stanford standout Chris Hernandez, but Barcello is a better shooter and a more vertically explosive athlete. He has 

Denaugio Scarlett 6' 6"  190 lbs. SF 2016

DeNaugio Scarlett is a skilled combo-forward with nice length and size that should be able to play both on the wing and as a face-up four-man in college. He has a slender frame with long arms, soft 

Forby Philips 6' 1"  155 lbs. SG/PG 2017

Forby Phillips plays with good energy on both ends of the floor. In transition he can get to the rim when he receives an advance pass from running the outside lane. Forby can finish at the rim or draw the foul where he

Eric McCullough 6' 4"  195 lbs. SF 2016

Eric McCullough is a raw but athletic young Forward that will only get better in the next few years. He is able to make plays using his athleticism right now. He scores near the goal and is continuing to expand

Corey Pruitt 6' 1"  167 lbs. SG 2017

Corey Pruitt is a good scorer who can beat the defense in a variety of different ways. He is impressive because he can score while not overdoing things and letting the game come to him. He makes good use of 

Evan-Eric Longino 6' 5"  220 lbs. G/W 2017

Evan-Eric Longino is a good athlete that has a strong sturdy body. Longino is a combo guard that has the ability to play the one or two. He is able to overpower most defenders when he attacks the basket and he

Donald Williams 6' 1"  170 lbs. PG 2017

Donald (Dj) Williams is a tough and competitive combo guard that can shoot the ball with range. He is a knockdown 3 point shooter off the catch and has a pretty good pull up and can also straight line 

Allante Pickens 5' 10"  160 lbs. PG 2017

Allante Pickens is a true point guard that is quick and smart with a pass first mentality although he can knock down open shots. Pickens is an excellent ball handler that really likes to attack. He pushes that 

Austin King 6' 4"  185 lbs. SF 2016

Austin King has a long, athletic basketball body. His fundamentals, plus athletic ability, allow him to make plays all over the floor. Offensively, Austin can knock down the open three point shot consistently and drive the

Jordan Hollins-Buckner 6' 3"  197 lbs. SG 2016

Jordan Hollins-Buckner is an aggressive shooting guard that has good strength for his size. He has a tight handle and pushes the ball with great pace to put constant pressure on the defense. He attacks the

Allante Pickens 5' 10"  160 lbs. PG 2017

Allante Pickens is a true point guard that is quick and smart with a pass first mentality although he can knock down open shots. Pickens is an excellent ball handler that really likes to attack. He pushes that 

Avion Graham 5' 9"  160 lbs. PG 2017

Avion Graham has a winner's edge, competitor's motor and good feel for the game of basketball. He owns the DNA of a point guard. Can score and consistently hits the outside shot. Gets good lift, and 

Cameron Macdonald 5' 11"  180 lbs. G 2017

Cameron Macdonald really shoots the basketball well. Cameron is in constant motion, working to get himself in position to score and he's typically shot-ready. He can use his stroke from different areas .

Christian Brown 6' 3"  165 lbs. G 2017

Christian Brown is a strong physical wing. He runs the floor on the break where he can use his strength to get to the rim. In the half court he attacks defenders from the wing and can finish through contact with ease. He has

Benjamin Branch 6' 2"  155 lbs. SG 2017

Benjamin Branch is a high energy athletic attacking guard that can make plays on and off the ball. He can get to the rim on the break and finish above it with excitement. He also is an excellent open court passer. He is

Cam Mader 5' 9"  155 lbs. PG 2017

Cam Mader is the consummate playmaker. He is quick with good end to end speed, terrific court vision, and a super tight handle. He changes his speeds very and is equally dangerous going left as he is right. He has 

Markee Johnson 6' 1"  165 lbs. SF 2016

Markee Johnson is an athletic wing that has the ability to be a top scorer on the next level. Markee can play above the rim which allows him to finish with a dunk or a layup. Has good body control, and has acrobatic 

Quentin Banks 5' 11"  160 lbs. PG 2016

Quentin Banks as a quick guard that is shifty and creative in the open floor.  Quentin is constantly active and has a very high motor. On the defensive end Quentin is scrappy and uses his hands well to get steals and make 

Ejovi Obus 6' 0"  195 lbs. PG 2016

Ejovi Obus is a guard that will wreak havoc on opposing teams because of his high motor. An active guard that has good size and speed. Ejovi can shoot off of the bounce, and also power his way to the basket to 

T.J. Leaf  6' 9"  205 lbs. PF 2016

Leaf has ideal length (long arms), blossoming perimeter skills, and he is bouncy as well. There is a bevy of upside with this sharp shooting combo-forward. He can knock in shots from all three levels and

Chris Alexander 5' 9"  160 lbs. PG 2016

Chris Alexander is very productive on both ends of the floor. He's quick with a tight handle as he pushes the ball in transition at high speeds. He has many dribble moves and he can beat pressure at will. Chris can

Omari Horne-Joyner 6' 3"  180 lbs. SG 2016

What makes Omari Horne-Joyner good is his ball handling and passing. He has outstanding court vision and can deliver the basketball with either hand. In the open court or in a tight spot Omari can make 

Brandon Miller 6' 0"  155 lbs. PG/ SG 2016

Brandon Miller is a point guard that has all the tools to be a good college player. He is a good athlete and has a great feel for the game. In transition he does a good job of advancing the ball on the pass 

Trevon Duval 6' 3"  185 lbs. PG 2017

Duval is a talented playmaker with an instinctive understanding of how to put the ball in the basket. He's a big time slasher whose driving style translates very well to the next level. He's smooth and athletic alike with a good handle and quick first step. He has no wasted motion en route to the

Osasuyi Obadiaru 6' 4"  188 lbs. SG 2016

Osasuyi brings a lot to the table, but his biggest asset is his consistent ability to shoot the basketball. He stretches a defense and forces them to play close which opens up driving lanes for his teammates. He has 

Jonathan Isaac 6' 9"  200 lbs. SF 2016

Isaac is that prototypical 4/3 that has college coaches and scouts alike intrigued about his potential. He is the latest example of the saying, "it's not where you start off, it's where you end up." His frame 

Javaughn Patterson 6' 2"  170 lbs. PG 2016

Javaughn Patterson has a solid frame with long arms. He has solid quickness and speed and he utilizes his length while directing the offense in the half court. He has a lot of savvy for and makes high-level plays at a 

Silvio De Sousa 6' 7"  220 lbs. F 2018

De Sousa had a very strong weekend in New York, showing strong athletic ability and a mature frame that belies his age. He was one of the most competitive and aggressive prospects in attendance, repeatedly

Malik Monk 6' 3"  170 lbs. SG 2016

Monk is a long and extremely athletic guard that excels on the break with his ability to attack the basket and finish above the rim with ease and flare. Monk is terrific at making plays off the dribble 

Charlie Prager 6' 2"  194 lbs. G/F 2017

Charlie Prager has deep range on his jumper and can connect on jumpers from well beyond 3-point range. His quick release makes the shot difficult to defend. He has good lateral quickness, he has the ability

Dennis Smith Jr. 6' 2"  173 lbs. PG 2016 #1 in America

Smith is a point guard with good size, strength and athleticism. He has the ball on a string and can get to wherever he needs to on the floor, regardless of who is defending him. Smith is great 

Jonathan Arenas 6' 3"  180 lbs. SG 2016

Jonathan Arenas is a confident shooter that possesses good size and strength. He has a sweet stroke, quick trigger and deep range. Every shot he takes looks to have a chance to go in. Jonathan will take 

Thon Maker 7' 0"  210 lbs. C 2016

Maker is an extra long post that is very athletic, mobile and skilled for his size and age. He runs the floor with long strides and catches and finishes on the move extremely well. Maker hunts block 

Austin Everheart 6' 0"  180 lbs. G 2016

Austin Everheart is a good athlete with great speed and quickness. He can create tempo at any time with his ability to push the basketball. Austin is a very dangerous playmaker in the open floor. He can 

Jarrett Allen 6' 10"  235 lbs. C 2016

Allen is a long athletic and mobile post player that is oozing with potential. He runs the floor extremely well and has good hands and feet. Allen finishes above the rim when he receives drop off passes 

Zach Collins 6' 10"  220 lbs. C 2016

Collins is one of the most improved big men in the country. He has a good looking frame with long arms, broad shoulders, and he's becoming more mobile. He is much more fluid runner in transition and he can 

Maverick Rowan 6' 6"  190 lbs. SF 2016

Rowan is a highly skilled big wing capable of playing either at the shooting guard or small forward positions. He has a super smooth shooting stroke and doesn't need much space to get it off thanks to his 

Allen Wilson 6' 1"  175 lbs. PG/SG 2016

Allen Wilson is a scoring point guard. He is a difficult match-up because he forces the defender to play close which opens lanes for him to make plays of the dribble. He can play either position in 

Taurean Thompson 6' 9"  220 lbs. PF 2016

A developing big man who possesses physical tools and budding skill alike, Thompson is an intriguing long-term prospect up front. He's got a long and solid build that should fill out naturally, good athleticism 

Tyler Thompkins 5' 10"  145 lbs. PG 2016

Tyler Thompkins has very good quickness and his speed allows him to attack the opposing team's defense. This is an ability coaches love to have at their disposal. Defenders can't back

Bam Adebayo 6' 8"  235 lbs. PF 2016

He's improved his skill level tremendously over the past year. More noticeably his favorite move on blocks is to spin baseline and power up to the rim. When he gets deep into the paint his explosiveness, touch

Jayson Tatum 6' 8"  190 lbs. SF 2016

Tatum is a smooth and versatile skilled wing who has mastered the art of the middle game. He finishes the break with size and length while he displays the ability to hit the floater with touch and

Kevin Huerter 6' 5"  170 lbs. SG 2016

Huerter is long and lean shooting guard that is extremely skilled. He is a lights out shooter off the catch and rythum dribble. He is an excellent passer with a terrific feel the game. He attacks and plays with 

Ty Jerome 6' 5"  180 lbs. PG 2016

Jerome is a highly skilled and intelligent combo-guard. He shoots the ball well and with deep range, has terrific rotation on his ball, and doesn't need much space to get it off. He's a very good passer who

Payton Pritchard 6' 2"  180 lbs. PG 2016

Pritchard is tough, competitive lead guard that is more athletic and stronger than he appears. He finishes well on the break for his size with either hand and does a great job attacking through contact 

Shareef O'Neal 6' 8"  190 lbs. WF 2018

Shareef O'Neal has as much potential as any prospect in the country. His skill level is quite high and his overall talent should project well at the next level. His athleticism is terrific. In addition to his

Kobi Simmons 6' 5"  177 lbs. PG 2016

Simmons is a long and quick combination guard that can score and distribute the ball. Excellent first step as he slashes in between defenders. Rhythm dribble three point shooter can get in a 

Miles Bridges 6' 7"  225 lbs. SF 2016

Bridges is a big and powerful left-handed combo-forward in the mold of former NBA player Rodney Rogers. He is explosive with very good body control, can make plays off the bounce, and is also a 

Marvin Bagley 6' 10"  185 lbs. C 2018 #1 in America

Marvin is extremely mobile and agile he finishes above the rim in transition with dunks. He can knock down the open 15 foot jumper and he also has the ability to put the ball on the floor one or two dribbles 

Seventh Woods 6' 1"  170 lbs. PG 2016

Woods is an extremely athletic and very explosive guard that finishes above the rim on the break and on all clear paths the rim. Woods plays in full attack mode and makes plays off the 

Isaiah Stokes 6' 7"  220 lbs. PF 2017

Isaiah has great hands and an attitude that tries to grab every rebound. His strength and big body are tough to box out and keep off the boards. He is a good scorer on the block and can score over 

M.J. Walker 6' 5"  190 lbs. WF 2017

He's man among boys in his age group as he already owns a strong body and high level athleticism to match his good size for the wing. Walker is not only able to hold his own against older 

Cody Riley 6' 7"  225 lbs. PF 2017

Riley is a physical specimen with long arms, big hands, and a solid amount of explosiveness. Despite his size and strength advantage, his go-to move is his feathery jump shot out to 17-feet. The 

LaDarius Marshall 6' 5"  205 lbs. SF 2018

Ladarius is a hybrid 4-man that can hurt the defense in a variety of ways. His frame is terrific and he possesses Lamar Odom-like skills. He handles the ball very well in the open court he punishes 

Harry Giles 6' 9"  215 lbs. PF 2016

Giles is an athletic big man who has played beyond his years as a freshman. From a physical standpoint he reminds us of a young Chris Webber (Michigan/NBA). Although not quite as skilled as 

E.J. Montgomery 6' 10"  200 lbs. SF 2018

E.J.  pushes the ball in transition, finishing himself or making passes for others. His feel for the game and IQ, along with his motor, are very impressive. E.J. is one of the elite prospects in his class 

Jarred Vanderbilt 6' 7"  185 lbs. SF 2017

Vanderbilt is a long athletic lefty forward that has great versatility. He excels in transition where he can finish in a variety of ways or find the open man with his excellent open court passing ability. Vanderbilt 

Andrew Jones 6' 4"  195 lbs. SG 2016

Jones burst on to the scene this summer (2015) showing continued improvement in his overall game. He's an athletic wing/shooting guard who is good at everything. He's a good athlete with a strong body. Good 

DeAndre Ayton 7' 0"  229 lbs. PF 2017 #1 in America

Ayton is a physical specimen with a Kevin Garnett frame already. He has very long arms and broad shoulders and he is quite bouncy. He can step out and nail the 17-foot jump shot and he finish with

Udoka Azubuike 6' 9"  268 lbs. C 2016

Azubuike has great size, length, athletic ability, mobility and coordination. He runs the floor extremely well. He is an above the rim finisher with power when he receives drop off passes created by 

Muhammad Makadji 6' 3"  183 lbs. SF 2016

Muhammad's length is his most obvious asset, but he also has a great pair of feet, giving him outstanding agility and mobility to cover the court. He's an excellent shot-blocker whose ability to

Darius Chester 6' 4"  175 lbs. PG 2017

Darius Chester is an excellent point guard. He is very skilled and has a high basketball IQ. He has great knowledge of the game and can find his open teammates. He also makes the big

Josh Jackson 6' 6"  184 lbs. SF 2016

Jackson is a tough and athletic wing forward that is a fearless competitor. He has a very good feel for the game and matching basketball IQ. He also is a great decision maker when being pressured. Jackson 
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