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Top 100 athletes from the 2017 recruiting class.
Elite athletes Jaelan Phillips, Deangelo Gibbs and Robert Hainsey. These are some of the elite athletes in the 2017 recruiting class. 
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Nate Kelly 5' 11"  185 lbs. QB 2018
Nate Kelly is a dual-threat prospect he is a strong armed guy that looks the part. Works from both under center and out of the shotgun and is a pretty precise ball handler. Makes plays with 

Henry Ogala 6' 2"  195 lbs. QB 2017
Henry Ogala is one of the more intriguing dual-threat quarterbacks in the class. He grew and inch last year and his athleticism has increased while at prep school. He is tall, athletic and makes

Aaron Manley 5' 10"  150 lbs. WR 2017
Aaron Manley projects to the wide receiver position. His overall instincts and football awareness are good. Displays good initial quickness does a solid job of finding soft spots in zone coverage. Does a great

Blake Ratliff 6' 1"  270 lbs. OL/DL 2017
Blake Ratliff shows good upper body playing strength as a run blocker. Shows good flexibility in a three point stance. Blake flashes good initial quickness he's consistently explosive coming out

Aaron Blankenship 6' 3"  248 lbs. OT 2017
Aaron Blankenship is a good run blocking offensive tackle that could also be a guard at the next level. He is a stout and thick offensive lineman with good agility. Comes off the ball hard with authority. Strikes a real blow 

Marcus Reeb 6' 0"  200 lbs. QB 2017
Marcus Reeb is a good athlete the more you watch him the more attractive his arm and release are. Marcus is a good overall football player and a impressive athlete. He has good size and an athletic, sturdy

Ryan Juntunen 6' 2.5"  190 lbs. DE/TE 2017
Ryan Juntunen is a football player that's fun to watch. He plays on both sides of the ball, but on defense is where this kid belongs. In high school he plays Defensive End. We would not be surprised to 

Jaquan Wallace 5' 11"  175 lbs. OLB 2017
Jaquan Wallace knows one style of play on the football field, fast and physical. This guy plays hard on every snap and sets the tempo of the defense with his relentless pursuit and explosiveness. Fills 

Brendan Easley 6' 4.5"  191 lbs. WR 2017
Brendan Easley is a big target to say the least. He stands as listed and possesses a large wingspan. Possesses excellent height and is a one-on-one nightmare on fades, redzone shots and underneath 

Zachary Maez 6' 1"  230 lbs. C/DL 2017
Zachary Maez is a tough one on one drive blocker with the playing strength and athleticism to get movement off the line of scrimmage. Shows good flexibility from a three point stance. His initial

Nakari Lodge 5' 8"  189 lbs. RB 2017
Nakari Lodge reminds you of the ultimate nickel back. he is an explosive player who can give you instant offense. He is versatile and shifty and very difficult to get a solid shot on. He has explosiveness 

Clayton Hannah 6' 0"  220 lbs. LB 2017
Clayton Hannah is already built to succeed early on as a linebacker. He has good speed and athleticism which makes him very dangerous for opposing offenses. He is strong and physical at the 

James Barnes 5' 8"  160 lbs. RB 2017
James Barnes will likely be more of an all-purpose back in college, he possesses a wonderful blend of speed, elusiveness and lateral quickness. He shows impressive initial quickness and burst through

Tristan Reed 6' 0"  185 lbs. RB/OLB 2017
Tristan Reed is a well-rounded back with a good size to speed ratio. Squares up and gets North quickly once he finds the cutback. A  runner who flashes good burst out of his downhill cuts and quickness

Lotenna Nwobu 6' 3"  220 lbs. DE 2017
Lotenna Nwobu is an active defender, a very active defender. He's always moving and bouncing around and he's a tough kid to get and keep blocked. First off he has a nice build. He's quick off the

Edwin Lovett 6' 1"  190 lbs. WR/DB 2017
Edwin Lovett is big and strong, but athletic for his size. Plays fast and has explosive playmaking skills. His size and speed make him a legitimate deep threat. He's versatile and able to play multiple 

Trevon Hall 5' 10"  180 lbs. DB 2018
Trevon Hall is a competitor who consistently finds the ball.  Will go up and attack the ball at its highest point. His leaping skills are excellent. Displays good footwork and fluid hips and turns. Trevon is sharp

Omouri Skinner 6' 1"  167 lbs. DB 2017
Omouri Skinner is a very active, quick-footed corner with good man to man coverage skills. He shows very good footwork, speed and quickness on the perimeter. Omouri has a fluid back pedal and he 

Jaqueveon Watkins 5' 11"  167 lbs. ATH 2018
Jaqueveon Watkins is a very impressive overall athlete and has all the physical tools and skill-set needed to develop into a very productive athlete at the next level.  At his best as a one-cut-and-go slashing 

Damion Bagley 6' 4"  198 lbs. ATH 2017
Damion Bagley is a good overall athlete on both sides of the ball with most of his production coming on offense as a dual-threat QB that is a running threat. His combination of size, strength

Jake Willemsen 5' 11"  195 lbs. QB/DB 2017
Jake Willemsen can fit the ball into a lot of tight spots. He does a very nice job surveying the field and goes through his progressions. Shows the ability to change velocities and throw catchable balls underneath. He also

Tate Martell 5' 11"  203 lbs. QB 2017
He's a good enough runner to be a factor with his legs if he needs to be. Athletically/skill wise he is a smaller version of Shea Patterson from the 2016 class. Buys a lot of second chances and can create on his

Jacob Stephenson 6' 2"  185 lbs. QB 2018
Jacob Stephenson possesses some very impressive tools and footwork. He has good height and muscularity. He shows balance and good movement skills in the pocket to work through reads and deliver the football. Shows 

Chance Cooper 6' 4"  205 lbs. WR 2017
Chance Cooper is a big receiver that runs good fluid routes.  Chance has good strong hands, and plucks the ball out of the air while opposing corner backs crowd him. Shows the ability and the willingness to block. Chance 

Kyuan  Fernandez 5' 10"  203 lbs. RB/OLB 2017
Kyuan Fernandez is a quick-twitched athlete who plays fast and has very good play speed and foot quickness. Has good feet and vision. Runs with his eyes and has an innate feel for closing defenders. Will pick

Trey Smith 6' 6"  299 lbs. OT 2017
Excellent height with ideal length. Needs to continue to add mass to his frame, but still possesses a high ceiling for physical development and should be able to pack on additional good mass in time. Demonstrates 

Jake Gitter 6' 1/2"  216 lbs. LB 2017
Jake Gitter is a tough customer versus the inside run he is an opportunistic player who is always around the ball. His toughness is the necessary quality for the inside linebacker position at the college. Displays

Reece Prior 6' 1"  205 lbs. WR/DB 2017
Reece Prior is a physical presence on the field. He has very good size and a good build with the strength to get off press coverage and haul in passes in a crowd. Reece shows very good surge off the

Robert Beal 6' 4"  230 lbs. DE 2017
Beal may not just wow you in terms of measureables on paper, but is a defender that possesses a wonderful blend of length and athleticism with wiry build and room to still support some additional good 

Trevor Haislip 6' 4"  315 lbs. OL/DL 2017
Trevor Haislip is an exceptional run blocking offensive tackle, he could also be a guard at the next level. He is a strong and thick offensive lineman with good height. Trevor comes off the ball with authority. Strikes a 

Dylan McCaffrey 6' 5"  197 lbs. QB 2017
Possesses prototypical size and is only going to get bigger and fill out. Is very lanky. He has very good height and is a late-bloomer in terms of bulk and frame development which will come at the next level. Is an 

Hunter Johnson 6' 4"  201 lbs. QB 2017
He is tall and lanky, but has a nice frame to add significant bulk and develop into a powerful passer. He is a deceptively good athlete, but will be a guy that wins with his arm, not his legs at the next level. From

Tre' von James 6' 1"  200 lbs. ATH 2017
Tre'von James sees the play develop very quickly and has great initial burst and reactive athleticism. Beats blockers to the point of attack and makes plays versus the run. Can change direction, breakdown and 

Isaiah Marshall 5' 7"  140 lbs. WR 2017
Isaiah Marshall is an explosive and quick wide receiver prospect that plays both inside and outside and is a legitimate vertical threat. He drives off the ball with good burst and gets into routes quickly. Possesses 

Presley Keltner 5' 11"  155 lbs. SS 2018
Presley Keltner is a good receiver in many facets. He runs well, shows quickness and acceleration in all his movement skills and he is a guy that can stretch the field. Can play inside or outside and plays 

Austin Deculus 6' 6"  331 lbs. OT 2017
Deculus was initially a high ceiling developmental tackle prospect, but in the last year has looked to already begin to realize that potential and grow physically and as a player. Still room to improve, but possesses .

Mikah Linnan 5' 10"  185 lbs. LB/S 2018
Mikah Linnan has excellent playing speed resulting in very good production against the run and pass. Has the athleticism for the outside linebacker / Safety position at the college level. We like this guy's punishing

Quinn Brown 6' 2"  260 lbs. RG/DL 2018
Quinn Brown can be a disruptive presence in the trenches. He has good size and combines that with good quickness. He can get moving and crash the backfield. His ability to get off the ball pretty 

Matt Harkins 6' 1"  185 lbs. QB 2018
Matt Harkins is a really fun guy to watch, he's a good runner and passer and is a deceptively good athlete. He has great pocket awareness and movement this ability helps him take advantage of throwing

Marvin Wilson 6' 4"  329 lbs. DT 2017
Possesses a wonderful combination of height and bulk at this stage. Like many big men needs to watch his weight, but nothing a little time in a college weight program can't take care and overall carries his weight

Cody Potts 6' 2"  162 lbs. DB/WR 2018
Cody Potts is a good looking prospect he is capable of making plays in all three phases of the passing game. He has soft hands and the ability to make plays on the ball. Cody will flash some burst and athleticism 

Elijah Hunt 5' 9"  167 lbs. ATH 2017
Elijah Hunt is a good athlete. Possesses all the ball skills and football instincts to be a difference maker. Tremendous instincts as a defensive back/Safety; reads and reacts instantly. Takes good angles 

Josh Myers 6' 6"  310 lbs. OT 2017
Size, strength and experience makes this an area of strength. Demonstrates ability to come off with flat back and deliver a good initial pop. Can gain physical leverage and drive knees and control and push 

Eli Waldron 5' 10"  225 lbs. G 2017
Eli Waldron is both athletic and a good technician. He comes off the football low and hard. Has a flat back and plays with good leverage; is rarely too high. Delivers a powerful jolt with his hands and locks on to the 

Colby Parkinson 6' 7"  228 lbs. TE 2017
Tall, rangy target with good top-end speed to threaten the intermediate to deep part of the field. Good route runner at this stage for the position and demonstrates he can adequately drop his weight and flashes good 

AJ Martinez 5' 8"  150 lbs. S/RB 2020
AJ Martinez is a feisty, tough competitive and scrappy guy with good ball skills, good top end speed and very good short area quickness and lateral agility. Plays with confidence and knows he is good. He is 

Michael Allen 5' 10"  150 lbs. DB 2017
Michael Allen is well-defined  very fluid in his pedal, hips and turns. Stop-starts very sharply. Can mirror receivers tightly off the line and closes the cushion fast with great burst and transitional quickness 

Alex Leatherwood 6' 6"  315 lbs. OT 2017
Possesses excellent combination of size and strength. Has nice blend of height and bulk with a thick sturdy build and carries weight well for three-hundred pounder with room to still develop his frame and body 

Hunter Lewis 5' 11"  255 lbs. DT 2017
Hunter Lewis is a sure tackler that displays good quickness off the ball and on a fairly-consistent basis. He can truly be a handful and when he is operating on all cylinders he is a disruptive presence. Flashes

James Nolan 5' 8"  165 lbs. ATH 2017
James Nolan has the speed, quickness and big-play ability to become a playmaker at the next level. James can really kick it into gear and is a dangerous mismatch as a route-runner and ball-carrier in.

Najee Harris 6' 3"  226 lbs. RB 2017
Big back with the speed to take it to the house. Strong runner that possesses outstanding body control and will fight through tackles, a real pile-pusher. Has great vision and the foot quickness to make defenders 

Caleb Kizewski 6' 2"  175 lbs. WR 2017
Caleb Kizewski certainly passes the eye test in a uniform. Likes to compete from what we have seen. He has a good surge off the line of scrimmage and he has a nice weave as he tries to move a defender while coming 

Kailan Noseff 6' 2"  185 lbs. WR 2017
Kailan Noseff is excellent at catching balls outside of his frame, especially in the presence of defenders. He makes good adjustments to the ball, while it's in the air especially on over the shoulder grabs. What really 

Jeffrey Okudah 6' 2"  197 lbs. S 2017
This young man already has college measurables on paper and may even play bigger and fast than them on tape. His play-speed and range are at an elite level. Rarely out position on the field where he can't make

CJ Thompson 6' 0"  225 lbs. DE 2017
CJ Thompson is a defensive end who shows flashes of being a stout and disruptive presence. He has a solid get-off and will flash some good quickness. Will flash the ability to come out of his stance and 

Vaughn Alexander 6' 2"  190 lbs. S  2016
For college programs that employ a lot of Cover 2 with deep half safeties, Vaughn Alexander has what you need. Vaughn has size, speed, range and ball skills. He's tall with a lot of room for physical 

Tyrell Shavers 6' 6"  202 lbs. WR 2017
Shavers is a really athletic and rangy guy that has loads of skill to home and develop. We acknowledge he does have good speed, especially given his size, but does not play anywhere near as fast as his times 

Luis Cipres 5' 8"  160 lbs. S 2017
Luis Cipres is a solid form tackler and delivers a good pop on contact often. Pursues sideline-to-sideline with good speed and a high motor. Has smooth change of direction and stop-start skill to mirror quicker 

Jaelen Phillips 6' 5"  235 lbs. OLB 2017
Prototypical statue with great length and frame with good growth potential. Shows some nice hand and upper body strength and could benefit with continued development of his lower body. Long with good straight 

Michael Canganelli 5' 9"  180 lbs. RB 2017
Michael Canganelli displays supreme quickness and lateral agility as a running back. He runs downhill with a strong presence and it's very difficult to get a direct shot on him. Michael runs with such a low base 

Noah Mitchell 6' 4.5"  200 lbs. QB 2017
Noah Mitchell is a pocket passer with very good height and the ability to make all the necessary throws. He's a good deep ball passer with touch and the ability to drop the ball in over-the-top of coverage. Noah has 

Brock Wright 6' 5"  245 lbs. TE 2017
You can find some tight ends in this class that will be stronger in particular areas, but you'll find few that are as well-rounded as Wright. He brings a very nice combination of size, athleticism and toughness 

Damon Williams 5' 9"  180 lbs. RB 2017
Damon Williams is a fast and dynamic running back that is a solid prospect. Consistently breaks long runs for scores, and is a threat to score every time he touches the ball.  In the trenches, has the ability to find holes

Andrew Anderson 6' 1/2"  240 lbs. LB 2017
Andrew Anderson has some real likeable qualities and seems to be able to hit the field, play hard, and produce. He is a physical and tough run defender. He does a good job of using his hands and being able to 

Foster Sarell 6' 7"  311 lbs. OT 2017
Naturally presents a big obstacle to try and navigate around to get to the QB. At his best when he can quickly get hands on, as strong enough to lock on and control with good ability for size to shuffle and mirror

Julian Rochester 6' 6"  320 lbs. DT 2016
Prospect with outstanding size. Tall, with very good bulk packed on his frame and with some time in a college weight program and some reworking of his build can still support some additional good 

Jonah Williams 6' 5"  280 lbs. OT 2016
Plays out of a two-point stance, but flashes ability to lower pads and roll hips at contact. Needs to watch pad level and work on hand placement, but displays good leg drive to generate push and can be 

Tyler Gerald 6' 3"  315 lbs. OG 2016
This is an area for further development and experience. He is a big body and needs to continue to improve, but flashes ability to deliver a powerful punch. Can lean and get top heavy, but flashes ability

 Nathan Herring 5' 11" 225 lbs. LB  2016

Nathan Herring is a physically strong linebacker prospect he has all the physical attributes you look for in the position. Nathan is thickly-built with explosive power and good functional strength. He has good

Netori Johnson 6' 3"  332 lbs. OL 2017
Massive frame and excellent strength. Powerful at the point of attack and generates a push in the run game. Flashes a strong initial punch in pass pro. A bit nasty and fights through the whistle. Needs to watch 

Nick Bosa 6' 3"  250 lbs. LB 2016
College football fans may know the name Bosa due to his older brother, who was an excellent prospect in the 2013 class and has developed into one of the top DL's in college football, but the younger Bosa 

Matt Fink 6' 3"  179 lbs. QB 2016
Very accurate passer who shows accuracy both with touch passes and when he is forced to drive the ball into tight spaces. Throws a very catchable ball and does a good job of putting the ball where the 

Payne Harrison 6' 3"  229 lbs. DE 2016
Payne Harrison has good size and potential value on both sides of the ball. He is physical at the point of attack. Makes good contact out of his stance and can play with leverage. Shoots his hands and can 

Robert Hainsey 6' 5"  276 lbs. OG 2017
Demonstrates he can do a good job with hand placement and can be tough to shake once he gets locked on. Can deliver a good initial pop with good lower body strength and knee drive to control and push defenders

James Moore 6' 4"  290 lbs. OL 2017
James Moore is an athletic offensive lineman that gives exceptional effort. James  shows strength on tape. We also think he can put on some more bulk without losing quickness. He comes out of his stance

Dylan Moses 6' 2"  223 lbs. RB/LB 2017 

Dylan is a rare prospect he has the ideal blend of size, power, speed. He could move over to defense in college and become a premier linebacker. He is good enough that you would feel comfortable with him 

Austin Troxell 6' 7"  285 lbs. OT 2017
Tall with good arm reach. Displays good knee bend and adequate lateral ability and balance to mirror rushers when he gets hands on. Does need to improve punch and placement and while he can stay 


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