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Top 100 athletes from the 2017 recruiting class.
Elite athletes Jack Anderson a Texas Tech signee. Excellent height for interior prospect with good bulk and room to still develop his frame and add some good mass. 
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Brandon Keeling 6' 1"  285 lbs. OL 2017
Brandon Keeling is an offensive lineman that moves his feet well and has no problem getting to the second level. Shows strength and will add more bulk without losing quickness. Comes out of his stance with good

Jakari Godfrey 5' 10"  161 lbs. WR 2017
Jakari Godfrey is smooth, fluid player for a wide receiver. He will be able to play in the slot and has a great feel for zone defense and working the middle of the field. He has the upside to develop into a physical 

Kaden Smith 6' 6"  235 lbs. TE 2016
Displays great ball skills. Soft hands with ability to extend for the ball and offers a nice catch radius. Demonstrates excellent concentration and flashes very good sideline awareness and is as likely

Chris Monroe 5' 7"  170 lbs. RB 2017
Chris Monroe is an impressive little runner who uses his size to his advantage for great productivity. He is compact, put-together and built low to ground. His low center of gravity makes him very difficult to wrap 

Myles Ward 5' 10"  175 lbs. RB 2017
Myles Ward has a lot of attributes sought out at the next level. Myles is thick and compact with very good body composition. He flashes good in-line feet and quickness. Able to see and hit the small creases in the line. Makes 

Max Akin 5' 11"  170 lbs. WR 2017
Simply put, Max is a playmaker. At the receiver position, Max displays solid route running and great hands. After the catch is where Max is most dynamic as he has the ability to make defenders miss and gain extra 

Charlie Woerner 6' 5"  220 lbs. ATH/WR 2016
Is a naturally gifted pass catcher and ball handler. He can play in a variety of roles and be comfortable handling the ball. Has a wide catch radius and plucks with ease away from his frame. Can elevate and 

James Edwards 6' 1"  195 lbs. WR 2017
James Edwards, is the type of athlete that can be put on the field at any position and make plays. He projects to be a wide receiver or an outside linebacker, but can develop into being a strong safety. At the receiver 

Javell Rice 5' 11"  226 lbs. LB 2017
Javell Rice has a thickly-built body and strong arms to keep blockers off his body. Plays the game extremely tough, aggressive and with physicality. He's always around the football making plays even in pass 

Ben Bredeson 6' 5"  293 lbs. OT 2016
Doesn't display a powerful punch and needs to continue to refine placement, but can do a nice job of with his hands of striking up and latching on and locking out on first contact. Can maintain a good base

Sean Clifford 6' 2"  210 lbs. QB 2017
Can compensate on late throws with arm strength and is more than capable of fitting the ball into tight spots in all three phases of the field-- short, intermediate (between numbers) and deep. Delivery mechanics are

Joseph Barron 6' 0"  215 lbs. LB 2017
Joseph Barron is a prospect that can hit and you love it. He hits someone and drives through ball carriers. You like his aggressive nature and see this kid being capable of being very productive against the run. He has

Tommy Richmond 6' 0"  185 lbs. DB/QB 2017
Tommy Richmond is a smooth athlete that can play on both sides of the ball. On offense has the ability to catch the ball in traffic and complete the catch. Has the ability to run good routes, and make catches on the

Daniel Mastromatteo 5' 10"  185 lbs. ATH 2017
Daniel Mastromatteo is a very alert and instinctive free safety. He's a good athlete he plays SS, LB ,QB ,RB  he has good size and range for a variety of positions. Rarely out of position he gets a great break on 

Isai Valdez 5' 6"  165 lbs. DB 2017
Isai Valdez is an explosive safety prospects who can cover the entire field. basically a very good football player with a lot of natural ability. Very active defender who seems to constantly be around the football 

Rolando Burse 5' 11"  170 lbs. DB 2017
Rolando Burse has coverage versatility in terms of technique. He has adequate height and a lean build, and he plays physical and with a tough demeanor. Closing speed is good. Fluid and smooth in his hips. Has good 

Diaunte Neufville 5' 10"  160 lbs. RB 2017
Diaunte Neufville is a very versatile football player with a lot of athletic talent. He has good height and is a very heads up and instinctive football player from the safety position. Breaks quickly on run support and has the ability

Riley Burns 6' 4"  290 lbs. OL 2017
Riley Burns has the build and skills of a very good guard prospect.  He can pull and trap as well as any other lineman in his class. Riley leads the ball carrier downfield and locks on to defenders. Gets off the ball fast when 

Charles Degraff 5' 11"  185 lbs. DE 2017
Charles Degraff is a football player and fun to watch. He is physical at the point of attack and good with his hands. He can bring them, separate, and shed. Does a good job of coming across the ball, breaking down, and 

Funiba Ngwa 6' 0"  290 lbs. OL 2017
Funiba Ngwa is a big and well put together. He can play tackle and could make the transition to that position in college but seems to us as a better fit at the guard spot. In the run game makes good initial contact

Troy Bennett 5' 8"  165 lbs. DB 2017
Troy Bennett is a running back with good balance and will consistently gain positive yards. Rarely goes down after the first contact, and will get even stronger with added weight. He has good vision, and shows patience

Brady Thelen 6' 0"  205 lbs. LB 2017
Brady Thelen is a versatile player. He is athletic and has good speed. Looks pretty effortless when he runs and can cover some ground. He can be a guy that can play sideline-to-sideline. He has good hips

Aris Tatalovich 5' 9"  170 lbs. WR/DB 2017
Aris Tatalovich combines excellent overall foot speed with good athleticism. He is a very crisp, disciplined wide receiver that is very consistent in his methods as a route-runner. Makes sharp cuts, bursts 

Anthony Johnson 5' 9"  195 lbs. RB 2017
Anthony Johnson has the size and playing speed we like to see for the running back position at the college level. He is a very productive back with the skills necessary to stay on the field as an every down back. Anthony

Brendan O'connell 5' 9"  205 lbs. OLB 2017
It is easy to like Brendan O’Connell when you watch him play. This kid has a lot of energy and ability. It looks though like he will be playing outside linebacker at the college level. Brendan is a physical player that is

Michael Larsen 6' 0"  235 lbs. RB 2017
Michael Larsen is an active, physical defender from the end position. He has good size. Displays a good get-off Michael is a physical kid at the point of attack. Flashes the ability to come off the ball low. Michael can

Jaquavious Butler 5' 8"  170 lbs. RB 2017
Jaquavious Butler is an exciting back to watch; has good playing speed to gain huge chunks of yardage with "home run" potential.  Displays dood quickness and vision as he takes the handoff; has the lateral quickness

Gilbert Delgado 5' 6"  160 lbs. WR/DB 2017
Gilbert Delgado possesses terrific burst and explosiveness as a route runner or when changing directions. Drives off the ball with good surge and can eat up cushion in a hurry. In the short to intermediate passing 

Brilliant Taylor 6' 1"  220 lbs. LB 2016 JC
Brilliant Taylor has a lot of qualities you look for in a college linebacker prospect. He's tough, physical, can run, hit and bring it on every down. Flashes good initial burst filling downhill. His raw power and 

Isaac Nauta 6' 4"  237 lbs. TE 2016
Nauta is superb TE prospect in that he is athletic and tough and while there may be some faster or bigger tight ends, he is very well-rounded and very good pretty much across the board. Was active target 

Z'Andre Givens 5' 9"  175 lbs. RB/WR 2016
Z’Andre Givens is a very impressive overall athlete and has all the physical tools and skill-set needed to develop into a very productive receiver or running back at the next level. Has great body composition for the 

Ronald Preston 5' 10"  180 lbs. SS 2017
Ronald Preston is a good athlete that is an active player on defense and makes plays. He has good size and plays the game with heart. Comes up from the safety position on run support with good leverage on the

Raymond Roshto 5' 10"  170 lbs. ATH 2017
Raymond Roshto is a very instinctive defensive back with good deep coverage skills and range. Displays very quick and accurate diagnosing skills. Flashes range and is really active around the football. Shows 

Duane Melvin 6' 0"  255 lbs. C 2017
Duane Melvin is a pretty solid football player. He displays good flexibility working from a three-point stance. He demonstrates the ability to fire out quick and low and get under defenders pads and gain good leverage. He 

Joshua Goodwin 5' 9"  170 lbs. RB 2017
Joshua Goodwin is a well-rounded back with playmaking ability. Consistently outruns and eludes the competition. Joshua has good body composition for the position. He hits the hole fast and likes to bounce it outside 

Jacori Cannon 5' 9"  170 lbs. WR 2017
Jacori Cannon is a versatile athlete who displays many offensive skills. As a wide receiver, he has a lot of confidence and possesses sure hands. Runs good routes and is a deep-ball threat due to good speed and the ability 

Dekota Shelton 6' 0"  165 lbs. WR 2017
Dekota Shelton certainly looks the part and has split time on defense between corner and safety and is an outside receiving threat on offense. He looks to end up either at safety or wide receiver. Dekota is tall with long arms and 

DeMontez Clark 5' 7"  175 lbs. RB 2017
DeMontez Clark shows great perimeter speed and lateral quickness bouncing the play outside, he's very decisive as a runner he gets north quickly.  DeMontez never waste lateral east-west steps and always takes

Jose Stonewall 5' 11"  160 lbs. RB 2017
Fast, explosive, either way you slice it, Jose Stonewall is a good running back. His tight, quick twitched body allows him to run and play much bigger than he is. He is very sudden through the hole and reaches top.

Andre Pyatt 6' 0"  180 lbs. TE/WR 2017
Andre Pyatt is a talented and versatile prospect. On offense he is a wide receiver / tight end prospect. From the line position he quickly gets into his routes. Displays good hands and consistently catches the ball away 

Devon Cunningham 5' 8"  175 lbs. ATH 2017
Devon has great foot-speed and smooth hips that should make him effective as a running back. He is a wiry, quick-twitched athlete who rarely gives defenders a clean shot and spins off a lot of initial contact. Hits the hole

Parker Blomquist 6' 3"  245 lbs. DE 2017
Parker Blomquist come across as an overly physically-impressive kid. He is a sneaky athlete because looking at him, you would not peg him as an athletic player. He has a good get-off and at times flashes excellent

Bricelun Joseph 5' 7"  163 lbs. RB/CB 2017
Bricelun Joseph is a very intriguing defensive back prospect with  range and a physical demeanor sought-after at the position. At safety, he is comfortable playing down the box or as a high-point defender. Displays 

Jacob Greenfield 6' 0"  200 lbs. SS 2017
Jacob is a great underneath run defender and overall ball-hawk at the safety position. Projects best as a hybrid safety in a Bandit/Rover type role this guy has great pursuit speed underneath and makes a ton

 Kyle Davis 6' 3"  211 lbs. WR 2016
Davis is going to be a popular prospect amongst power five programs. Few players his size move the way he does. Has experience out of the backfield and can also play in the slot. Wide receiver speed with 

Zoron Wade 5' 10"  197 lbs. LB/FB 2017
Zoron Wade is a strong and stout fullback and linebacker. He has good quickness and good agility. An aggressive and physical football player that loves contact. As a fullback he is hard for tacklers to bring down. Zoron 

Clayton Odom III 5' 8"  150 lbs. CB 2017
Trey Odom is a potential shutdown corner.  He is a quick-twitched athlete that has deceptive strength and he plays more physical than his measureables would indicate. Show good closing burst and breaking 

John Wright 5' 5"  190 lbs. ATH 2017
John Wright is a linebacker prospect with a lot production behind the line of scrimmage. A good upfield, vertical attacker. Plays taller and covers more ground than his listed measurables would suggest. Plays in a 

Danny Bedolla 6' 0"  170 lbs. DB 2017
Danny Bedolla is a very solid safety he has good size. Does a great job of keeping blockers from tying him up. Wins the battle of inside hand position against wide receivers. Takes great angles to the football and 

Anthony Schiavo 6' 0"  195 lbs. WR 2017
Anthony Schiavo has the upside to be a very good player at the next level. He has good size and an athletic, sturdy frame. He shows smooth and elusive change of direction skills in his movements . Comes off the ball 

Gerald Rushing 5' 7"  180 lbs.  ATH 2017
At the next level we feel Gerald Rushing will line up at defensive back, most likely corner. Displays good loose hips and the ability to stop-start and change direction sharply. Flashes good speed as well and 

Caleb Glenn 5' 11"  150 lbs. DB 2017
Caleb Glenn has great instincts, is aggressive and plays bigger than his size. Shows quick feet and good overall athletic ability. Does not lose much in transition. Stays balanced in his pedal and shows good

Eric Rand 5' 10"  230 lbs. OL 2017
Eric Rand has agility and balance in space, can block 2nd level defenders, displays good explosion on contact. Can pull and adjust to a moving defender. Good quick set with the ability to anchor versus 


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