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All About Recruiting and Scouting Services

Scouts that are not partnered with a university or pro team belong to two different pairings. There are scouts that deal with the players and families and then there are the scouts that directly deal with the colleges. Scouts that work with the players and the families, consults the athlete about the recruitment process and helps get the athlete in front of the college coaches to get recruited. This type of scout is financially compensated by the family of the athlete. The second type of scout scours the country in search of the different type of athletes, and presents their findings to the college coaches. As a result, if the college coaches are pleased with their finds, the coaches pay for the recruiting packets from the recruiting agencies.

Each one of the scouts discussed are hardworking and dedicated to their jobs because their success depends on countless hours of devotion. College coaches are very particular on who they buy their information from because itís very important that the information is accurate. The scout must be a known as a reputable analyst, accurate ranker and have flawless reputation as a good talent evaluator. Therefore, itís much harder to be a freelancing scout that is compensated by the universities.

The compensation for the recruiters that work for the athlete can be on the high end. To begin the recruiting process with a scout or recruiting service, fees range $600 to thousands of dollars. The cost is on the higher end because the scout has the experience and reputation that would allow for the athlete to get recruited. Without the expertise and experience, the athlete would not have a chance to get recruited.

The Recruiting services that gives their evaluations and rankings to the universities will be judged based on the accuracy of information that is sold to the coaches. Most of the time, the recruiting information that is given to the coaches is private and must be paid for. Most universities will acquire multiple recruiting serves and send their own coaches out to recruit because recruiting is how they win games. The college coaches that go out to evaluate generally stay in the area that they are familiar with and have major connections in order to get the best players. The financial compensation of these scouts vary because schools tend to pay more for the recruiters who have a higher reputation in the industry.


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