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Recruiting and Scholarship Information
We try to give you the most complete athletic scholarship information on the internet so you can make a wise and informed decision on your recruiting needs. 
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What Recruiting Services Don't Want You To Know

Recruiting or scouting services are not allowed to guarantee you a scholarship, if they do they're  not a company you wan to deal with. This is actually a NCAA violation and it should never occur. 

The larger recruiting companies claim they have thousands of coaches in their system. What they don't tell you is that it's free for coaches and that coaches almost never use their service. What worst than that is the coach has to search for a specific player, the might as well just google players. Most coaches understand that these companies will accepted anybody as long as they can pay. 

ESPN. Rivals, Scout, Max Preps, Sports illustrated, 247 Sports are not recruiting services they report on recruiting sports news and tell you who the top athletes are. You can not pay to get on your profile on these companies.

Recruiting services deal with thousand of athletes that are trying to get a scholarship. Some of them will make you a profile and highlight video and then they will send your profile to any college. At Sports Press TV we take hours researching all the schools the fit your athletic and academic needs then we send the coach the information along with a professional evaluation done by our analyst a former D1 athlete. 

Recruiting service are not regulated so anybody or company can claim they are one. Always look for years of experience or how long the companies been in business or if they have minim requirements for employees.. If they charge an extremely high fee stay away they are more likely in it for the money alone and not to see the most talented athletes get in college..

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