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Corbin Lewis 6' 1"  185 lbs. G 2017

Corbin Lewis is a tremendous shooter and a solid point guard. Offensively he has a good basketball IQ.  He has range on his shot to 20 feet. He is best with his feet set but can score some off the bounce. Defensively he is above average. He is good at gleaning steals and is a good team defender.  He attacks defenders and is always probing looking for an opening to make a scoring move like a drop off pass or drive, draw and kick opportunity for a teammate. Overall we think Corbin is an excellent prospect. 
   Intangibles                        9  
   Athleticism                        8  
   Size                        8  
...  Strength                        8  
   Jump shot                        8  
   Offense                        8  
   Defense                        9  
   Rebounding                        8  
   Potential                         8  

 Skill Set

Overall score  





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