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Forby Philips 6' 1"  155 lbs. SG/PG 2017

Forby Phillips plays with good energy on both ends of the floor. In transition he can get to the rim when he receives an advance pass from running the outside lane. Forby can finish at the rim or draw the foul where he likes to slash from the wing. Touch and body control are also great assets. He can also score with either hand as he negotiates defenders. He has good range on his jump shot out to 20', but his game is also  attacking the rim off the dribble. He is an excellent ball handler and passer and does a great job of keeping his dribble alive until he knows what he wants to do with the ball.
   Intangibles                        9  
   Athleticism                        8  
   Size                        8  
...  Strength                        8  
   Jump shot                        8  
   Offense                        9  
   Defense                        8  
   Rebounding                        8  
   Potential                         8  

 Skill Set

Overall score  





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