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Jonah Williams 6' 5"  280 lbs. OT 2016

Plays out of a two-point stance, but flashes ability to lower pads and roll hips at contact. Needs to watch pad level and work on hand placement, but displays good leg drive to generate push and can be tough to shake once he gets locked on. Can use good angles and displays enough lateral quickness to seal the edge. Good job of climbing to second level and locating targets and displays adequate body control to cover up linebackers. Demonstrates a strong punch and can deliver with good placement and is capable of jolting rushers with initial contact. Plays with a good base and demonstrates good balance and moves well laterally and can mirror. Needs to continue to develop technique, as he can stay under control, but at times can quickly open up and lunge. Demonstrates good awareness and communication to pick up movement. 
   Intangibles                        9 ...
   Athleticism                        8  
   Size                        8  
...  Strength                        8  
   Quickness                        8  
   Agility                        9  
   Speed                        8  
   Blocking                        8  
   Potential                        10  


Overall score  





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