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Omari Horne-Joyner 6' 3"  180 lbs. SG 2016

What makes Omari Horne-Joyner good is his ball handling and passing. He has outstanding court vision and can deliver the basketball with either hand. In the open court or in a tight spot Omari can make the difficult pass when he draws a second defensive player. Omari is fearless and competes on both ends of the floor. He can defend both guard positions with his ability to pressure the ball with good lateral foot speed and quick hands. Omari has good basketball instincts. I think Omari is more of a shooting guard than a point guard at this stage of his game because of his ability to score quickly and the comfort of running the lane and attacking from the SG spot.
   Intangibles                        9  
   Athleticism                        8  
   Size                        8  
...  Strength                        8  
   Jump shot                        8  
   Offense                        8  
   Defense                        8  
   Rebounding                        8  
   Potential                         8  

 Skill Set

Overall score  





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