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Tate Martell 5' 11"  203 lbs. QB 2017

He's a good enough runner to be a factor with his legs if he needs to be. Athletically/skill wise he is a smaller version of Shea Patterson from the 2016 class. Buys a lot of second chances and can create on his own. It is very easy to like this kid despite the mesasurable concerns. Our question lies in the upside and how much there is four years from now. In our opinion this guy needs to be exclusively in the shotgun spread to maximize his strengths and mask deficiencies. Possesses competitive intangibles and also has great players around him. Will be heavily recruited by power five spread schools.
   Intangibles                        9  
   Athleticism                        8  
   Size                        8  
...  Strength                        8  
   Quickness                        8  
   Arm Strength                        9  
   Speed                        8  
   Reads                        8  
   Potential                        10  


Overall score  





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