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Zachary Maez 6' 1"  230 lbs. C/DL 2017

Zachary Maez is a tough one on one drive blocker with the playing strength and athleticism to get movement off the line of scrimmage. Shows good flexibility from a three point stance. His initial quickness and explosion are good coming off the ball. Overall his technique is solid along with his fit, balance, base and leg drive. This insures Zachary's ability to maintain contact while getting movement off the line. Flashes the first step quickness and follow through to gain front side leverage on running plays off the edge. Zachary can play on his feet in space displaying very good short trap ability and demonstrating he can block linebackers in space. Overall an excellent prospect.
   Intangibles                        9  
   Athleticism                        8  
   Size                        8  
...  Strength                        8  
   Quickness                        8  
   Agility                        8  
   Speed                        8  
   Blocking                        9  
   Potential                         8  


Overall score  




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